Elf spy


“This pale elf has dark hair and a deadly purpose in her eyes, but is quiet and rarely speaks. She dons light leather armor, carries a longbow and a short sword.”


Ninaran is an Elf spy planted in Winterhaven. She spends her nights in Wrafton’s Inn, listening to folks, and making sure no one suspects the activity up at the Keep. Additionally, she is the point of contact for Irontooth.

During the Agency’s first night in Wrafton’s Inn, they came across Ninaran. Mialee attempted to converse with her, but was given the cold shoulder and received only questions in return. The Eladrin perceived that the Elf “trapper” was holding something back, but left it at that and did not suspect her involvement with Kalarel.

It wasn’t until after the party had made significant inroads in their investigation of the cult and of the Keep that Ninaran reared her ugly head again. Kalarel, starting to get annoyed, had Ninaran abduct a group of townsfolk from Winterhaven, sacrfice them at the graveyard, and hastily resurrect them creating an undead army to put an end to the Adventurers.

Kalarel’s plan failed, and the Agency captured Ninaran as she attempted to flee from the town graveyard where her army was defeated. Bound and interrogated, she gave up no useful information, and divided the party when it came to what to do with her.

Ninaran was stabbed in the back by the Agency warlock Thereo, while she was being carried off by Damar to be turned in at Winterhaven.


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