Balgron the Fat

Spineless Captain of the Shadowfell Keep Goblins


“This fat goblin wears leather armor that bulges from his weight. He has thick, knotty fingers, cruel eyes, and a terrible disposition. He carries a club and a crossbow with 20 bolts.”


Balgron was the slovenly captain of the goblin force that took up residence in the upper level of the Shadowfell Keep ruins. He does Kalarel’s bidding, but also looks to his own wealth and power.

The Agency ran into him and his forces during their first and second incursions into the upper level.

After his goblins were defeated, Balgron fled, leading the Agency into the subterranean caves beneath the Keep, where he ambushed them and finally met his end while attempting to run. He was decapitated at the hands of the Ranger, Arianna.

Balgron the Fat

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