A Subpar Adventure

Don't Judge a Succubus by Its Cover
The Agency falls in love, and encounters an aspect of Karavakos

In order to continue, AHAA had to climb the book shelf to reach a door perched on top. After filing through one by one, they came upon the stone statue of an angel with the wings folded around its body. Damar was the first through the door and thereby the first to step up to the statue. He was dazed by a wave of psychic energy, as was Edric, who stepped up after him. It wasn’t until Mialee observed the energy coming from a symbol of Oghma the statue was holding, that Edric was able to use his tools to disable it (after shaking off the effects).

Picking up the Pieces
The Agency goes on the hunt for shards of Vyrellis/Karavakos' life force

AHAA pushed forward into a dimly lit room with a dense mass of hanging vines that were thick enough to ward off any attempts to move through. While trying to get around the vines, the party was taunted and harried by dark creepers that appeared from the dark and darted in and around the group stabbing at everyone before disappearing again into the vines. The creepers were aided by reapers that kept the party from chasing. AHAA repelled the attack and was forced to spread out to catch the last assailant.

Into the Thick of It
Solving the problems of the Pyramid...by killing everything in it

Continuing to force their way through the Pyramid of Shadows, The Agency passed on from the Monolith room (after a full rest), where they defeated Vyrellis’ body, and into (what else?) more trouble.

They entered a small room with a constant, severe, biting cold and ice lining everything from floor to ceiling. Four frozen pillars stood within, and beyond them was another door, completely iced over as well. Vyrellis told them that there were several useful magic items behind that second door, but to beware its icy guardian.

Chutes & Mirrors
The Pyramid's nature begins to reveal itself

AHAA dragged itself, and Damar’s unconscious body, into the more easily secured winding passageway back in the hedge maze. There the group tried its best to rest and shrug off the near disaster of the previous room.

The sounds of large rats during the night led the party into the next room in the Pyramid, which was plain, except for the two robed statues staring at each other from opposite ends. Tiny moved across the room to inspect the statue on the other side but a section of floor beneath him rotated quickly upwards, tossing him down a chute and into a pit with a Charnal Lord Otyugh. The old floor now became the wall, blocking him off from the rest of the party, and as that happened a new floor also locked into place (seemingly attached at 90 degrees), carrying 6 charnal rats with it.

The Pyramid of Shadows
The Agency bites off more than they can chew

The Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency attempted to sleep just outside the Ogre King’s chamber, but all had a restless, troubling sleep.

Back on the surface, the clearing with the huts (where we were attacked by Kreshnars) had been completely replaced with dense forest. Confused, the party stumbled around until they came to another clearing with a cluster of stones in the center. Tiny and Damar moved to investigate but were ambushed by evil shield Dwarves, Humans, and a Rage Drake.

Here One Minute, Gone the Next
R.I.P. Arianna Twinblade

The Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency woke in the hut, after the Kreshnar attack outside the large stone structure they had been exploring the day before. AHAA decided to venture back in to continue the job of finding Karavakos and curing Garin/Mialee of their disturbing visions.

Through the Looking Glass
Weird shit begins to happen as The Agency tracks down the Pyramid


AHAA is in the King’s Forest, Southwest of Arabel Why? Because a guy we met in jail (Garin, for those following along) paid us in advance to help clear his head. He and Mialee are having disturbing dreams of an interdimensional Pyramid where an evil Tiefling wizard, Karavakos, has been trapped for ages. The only way to stop the dreams is to find the Pyramid.

"The law" catches up with the Agency

Grimm cursed up into the night sky as the Don disappeared from sight. With nothing left to accomplish, and their anger temporarily sated, the Agency retired to the Spiteful Dragon inn to lick their wounds.

They awoke to the sounds of shouts and cheers that were lifting from the streets below. Dreary eyed AHAA members made their way down to the bar which they found completely empty, save for a puzzled barkeep, who asked, “why aren’t you joining them!? the army won!” (He was of course referring to the Cormyrian army which had clashed against the Orcs and their Iron Dragon days earlier). AHAA left the Spiteful Dragon to join the jubilant crowds as they watched the Cormyrian Army parade triumphantly through the winding streets of Arabel.

Stickin' it to the Thieves Guild
The Agency finally gets fed up with the Thieves

Having successfully dispatched Arabel’s mysterious house thieves for the Red Raven Mercenaries, AHAA dragged the sole survivor to the nightly nobleman meeting to calm the nerves of the agitated aristocrats.

Meanwhile, Grimm, on the way to find a guard to apprehend the limp body of the remaining house thief, is accosted by a Thieves Guild representative in a shadowy alley way and is handed a note. “...we had a deal, meet us tomorrow night at the disclosed warehouse, and bring us 10% of what was gained…”.

That night at the Spiteful Dragon inn, Mialee continued to have her strange but powerful dreams of pyramids, and finally shared her visions with AHAA the next morning. Over breakfast, AHAA decided to collect their payment from the Red Ravens, and to honor the 10% agreement with the Thieves Guild at the warehouse that night (11 gold out of the 110 we looted).

The (Surprisingly Quick) Fall of Narthax
Hell hath no fury like a Deva scorned

After the shock of the Silver Dragon flying overhead wore off, AHAA waded through a city lost in panic to get back to the business of informing the Order of the Purple Dragon of the loss of their cavalry at the hands of orcs and some other mysterious force(s).

The Order’s chambers were already in disarray when Damar relayed the bad news, filling the entire hall with stunned silence. The Order made a motion to contact the Red Ravens for added manpower and (after hearing the truth about Narthax and of AHAA’s intentions from Kharun)gave the Agency a blanket order to do anything they could to help the situation.


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