The Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency (AHAA) continues its ascent into the Pyramid of Shadows

Last Session: Dec 17th 2010
Next Session: Dec 30th 2010

Who are these guys? I don't know, but the DM does...A Subpar Adventure is our first D&D 4th Edition Campaign, and for some of us our first jump into D&D altogether. It follows the story of the newly formed Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency out of Cormyr in the Forgotten Realms setting. It began with the Wizards of the Coast H1 campaign module “Keep on the Shadowfell”, veered off the prewritten rails at the whim of the DM Aldeshar, and is currently clearing out the Pyramid of Shadows with the DM, Jon “playerkiller” Vanase.

The Agency

A Subpar Adventure

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