A Subpar Adventure

Stickin' it to the Thieves Guild
The Agency finally gets fed up with the Thieves

Having successfully dispatched Arabel’s mysterious house thieves for the Red Raven Mercenaries, AHAA dragged the sole survivor to the nightly nobleman meeting to calm the nerves of the agitated aristocrats.

Meanwhile, Grimm, on the way to find a guard to apprehend the limp body of the remaining house thief, is accosted by a Thieves Guild representative in a shadowy alley way and is handed a note. “...we had a deal, meet us tomorrow night at the disclosed warehouse, and bring us 10% of what was gained…”.

That night at the Spiteful Dragon inn, Mialee continued to have her strange but powerful dreams of pyramids, and finally shared her visions with AHAA the next morning. Over breakfast, AHAA decided to collect their payment from the Red Ravens, and to honor the 10% agreement with the Thieves Guild at the warehouse that night (11 gold out of the 110 we looted).

The (Surprisingly Quick) Fall of Narthax
Hell hath no fury like a Deva scorned

After the shock of the Silver Dragon flying overhead wore off, AHAA waded through a city lost in panic to get back to the business of informing the Order of the Purple Dragon of the loss of their cavalry at the hands of orcs and some other mysterious force(s).

The Order’s chambers were already in disarray when Damar relayed the bad news, filling the entire hall with stunned silence. The Order made a motion to contact the Red Ravens for added manpower and (after hearing the truth about Narthax and of AHAA’s intentions from Kharun)gave the Agency a blanket order to do anything they could to help the situation.

Fanning the Flames
Damar, a real Cormyrian hero

Instead of staying in the city, AHAA shadowed the Purple Order Knights as they rode North to deal with the Orcish threat. Without horses of thier own, AHAA soon fell behind, but continued to follow their tracks while staying out of the way off the main road.

Smoke on the horizon marked the midpoint of the next day. As AHAA got closer to the smoke they found a burning village off the main road, littered with dead farmers (obviously the work of Orcs). Arianna found the tracks of dire boars leading West which the party then decided to follow to whatever end.

Big Trouble in Little Arabel
The Agency gets mixed up with the Thieves Guild

Doubling back to face their pursuers turned out to be a big mistake. After plowing through an Ankheg ambush, barghests, and nearly being torn to shreds by hyenas, the mighty Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency was nearing exhaustion.

They were in a clearing, some distance to the South off the main road to Arabel, where they had cornered the hyena & Gnoll vanguard of some kind of malevolent force. Horns blasting to the west down the road back to Winterhaven alerted the party to the next wave’s impending arrival.

Playing for Keeps
The Dramatic Conclusion

Placeholder (Session 8)

Dissention & Revelation
Placeholder (Session 7)

Notes from session 7 (4/4/09)

9, Mirtul (May)

Start The road back to Winterhaven (from the Keep)

  • Gates closed, Militia barring the way, Lord Padraig on the wall w/ his guards
  • Damar steps forward, calls up to Padraig
  • Townsfolk missing, signs of undead at the cemetery
  • Damar immediately goes to cemetery alone
  • Padraig allows party in
  • Mialee + Grimm -> Thair’s smithy -> Grimm sells old maul, haggles for throwing hammers
  • Party learns Thair has acquired Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe
  • Thereo + Arianna retire to tavern, Thereo gets retarded drunk

Do not Disturb
The Agency learns what a sign is for

Notes from session 6 (3/21/08)

9, Mirtul (May)

Start * 1st floor bed chamber w/ hidden doorway and chest (now open)

  • long rest
  • More Cave
  • Group delves further into cave
  • 10 foot pit with dead insect-like body crushed by collapsed ceiling (Kruthik).
  • Ranger sees trap – raised floor tile
  • Warlock wants to set off trap – vetoed
  • Small holes in cave wall – chattering
  • Around corner -> Kruthik adult/young -> toxic spikes slow Ari + Grimm -> both charge
  • Kruthik hatchlings/young come out of walls attack casters
  • Kruthiks defeated
  • Chest with amethysts

The Rat Whisperers
On the heels of Balgron, The Agency decides that now is a good time to go caving

8, Mirtul (May)

Rats in the darkNo Goblins were left alive, save for one, Balgron. He had given them the slip behind a curtained hallway, and could have been anywhere by now. As they took stock of the dead and dying, the party gleaned bloodcut hide armor from the Hobgoblin’s corpse, or what was left of it anyway.

For the time being the Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency split up and explored the rest of the first level—after the previous battle they were reasonable sure there would be no more resistance. Mialee and Arianna investigated the torture room, while Grimm retraced Balgron’s steps.

For Whom the Bell Tolls
The Agency returns, and is promptly surrounded by every Golbin, ever.

8, Mirtul (May)

A tomb full of skeletonsAfter bravely running away, the Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency had spent the night in the shadow of the Keep. Hidden in the local forest, they recovered their strength, refueled their stomachs, and caught up on some much needed sleep (as much as one could in those infested woods). The following morning, after eating quickly, they doused the fire and made their way back over to the Keep without incident.

Upon returning to the lower level, the party noticed that all of the dead Goblins from the previous day had been removed. It was unclear who had moved them, but it couldn’t be helped, so they pressed on toward the crypt where so many undead had choked the halls the night before. Arianna, in the meantime, stayed behind to make sure no one was following. This was an unfortunate move.

One Foot in the Grave
or Tieflings Can't Jump

7, Mirtul (May)

A tomb full of skeletonsTo continue their exploration meant breaking out a few standard adventurer’s kit sunrods, as only dark corridors currently presented themselves to the Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency. Scouring the extent of this underground level of the Keep, or lair (because that’s really what it is now), did not take long, and turned up a shipment of supplies (left by Barwain), and several disgusting Goblin beds. At least three or four doors blocked all progress at this level. Most of the doors looked as if they had been used recently, and often, but there was this one door—it was a set of large metal double doors that most likely had not been budged in ages. Curiosity got the better of our heroes. They put their backs into the heavy door, forcing it to swing open, and were faced with more stairs leading down into more darkness.

At the bottom they were hit with the reeking stench of death that seemed to permeate the area, now looking more and more like a crypt as they ventured forth.


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