A Subpar Adventure

Big Trouble in Little Arabel
The Agency gets mixed up with the Thieves Guild

Doubling back to face their pursuers turned out to be a big mistake. After plowing through an Ankheg ambush, barghests, and nearly being torn to shreds by hyenas, the mighty Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency was nearing exhaustion.

They were in a clearing, some distance to the South off the main road to Arabel, where they had cornered the hyena & Gnoll vanguard of some kind of malevolent force. Horns blasting to the west down the road back to Winterhaven alerted the party to the next wave’s impending arrival.

Playing for Keeps
The Dramatic Conclusion

Placeholder (Session 8)

Dissention & Revelation
Placeholder (Session 7)

Notes from session 7 (4/4/09)

9, Mirtul (May)

Start The road back to Winterhaven (from the Keep)

  • Gates closed, Militia barring the way, Lord Padraig on the wall w/ his guards
  • Damar steps forward, calls up to Padraig
  • Townsfolk missing, signs of undead at the cemetery
  • Damar immediately goes to cemetery alone
  • Padraig allows party in
  • Mialee + Grimm -> Thair’s smithy -> Grimm sells old maul, haggles for throwing hammers
  • Party learns Thair has acquired Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe
  • Thereo + Arianna retire to tavern, Thereo gets retarded drunk

Do not Disturb
The Agency learns what a sign is for

Notes from session 6 (3/21/08)

9, Mirtul (May)

Start * 1st floor bed chamber w/ hidden doorway and chest (now open)

  • long rest
  • More Cave
  • Group delves further into cave
  • 10 foot pit with dead insect-like body crushed by collapsed ceiling (Kruthik).
  • Ranger sees trap – raised floor tile
  • Warlock wants to set off trap – vetoed
  • Small holes in cave wall – chattering
  • Around corner -> Kruthik adult/young -> toxic spikes slow Ari + Grimm -> both charge
  • Kruthik hatchlings/young come out of walls attack casters
  • Kruthiks defeated
  • Chest with amethysts

The Rat Whisperers
On the heels of Balgron, The Agency decides that now is a good time to go caving

8, Mirtul (May)

Rats in the darkNo Goblins were left alive, save for one, Balgron. He had given them the slip behind a curtained hallway, and could have been anywhere by now. As they took stock of the dead and dying, the party gleaned bloodcut hide armor from the Hobgoblin’s corpse, or what was left of it anyway.

For the time being the Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency split up and explored the rest of the first level—after the previous battle they were reasonable sure there would be no more resistance. Mialee and Arianna investigated the torture room, while Grimm retraced Balgron’s steps.

For Whom the Bell Tolls
The Agency returns, and is promptly surrounded by every Golbin, ever.

8, Mirtul (May)

A tomb full of skeletonsAfter bravely running away, the Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency had spent the night in the shadow of the Keep. Hidden in the local forest, they recovered their strength, refueled their stomachs, and caught up on some much needed sleep (as much as one could in those infested woods). The following morning, after eating quickly, they doused the fire and made their way back over to the Keep without incident.

Upon returning to the lower level, the party noticed that all of the dead Goblins from the previous day had been removed. It was unclear who had moved them, but it couldn’t be helped, so they pressed on toward the crypt where so many undead had choked the halls the night before. Arianna, in the meantime, stayed behind to make sure no one was following. This was an unfortunate move.

One Foot in the Grave
or Tieflings Can't Jump

7, Mirtul (May)

A tomb full of skeletonsTo continue their exploration meant breaking out a few standard adventurer’s kit sunrods, as only dark corridors currently presented themselves to the Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency. Scouring the extent of this underground level of the Keep, or lair (because that’s really what it is now), did not take long, and turned up a shipment of supplies (left by Barwain), and several disgusting Goblin beds. At least three or four doors blocked all progress at this level. Most of the doors looked as if they had been used recently, and often, but there was this one door—it was a set of large metal double doors that most likely had not been budged in ages. Curiosity got the better of our heroes. They put their backs into the heavy door, forcing it to swing open, and were faced with more stairs leading down into more darkness.

At the bottom they were hit with the reeking stench of death that seemed to permeate the area, now looking more and more like a crypt as they ventured forth.

A Comedy of Errors
Ladies and Gentlemen... THE KEEP

7, Mirtul (May)

The ruins of the old KeepLeaving Winterhaven behind them the Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency stubbornly trudged Northward, further into the Thunder Peak mountains until finally THE KEEP loomed in the distance. Once a place for good, the Keep was home to the Knights of the Purple Order, but had long ago since lapsed into abandonment and disrepair. The books recovered from Bairwin told how a Knight named Sir Keegan, driven mad, once hacked apart his entire family, inviting demonic forces into the Keep for the first time, but no one really knows for sure. What WAS for sure to our heroes, now getting closer to the keep, was the level of deterioration the ages had wrought upon the place. The outer walls were all but in ruin, and provided no quarter. What had not been damaged in some ancient battle, had been relentlessly eroded and bombarded by the elements.

Inching forward on a path toward the Keep, signs of recent activity began to present themselves. The group was starting to pass piles of stone, unnatural in formation, and off to the sides of the path. It wasn’t long before the Ranger began spotting Goblin tracks as well. Many of them went off in all directions, but all the tracks lead to a single place, a large cellar door, cleared of rubble, and in the middle of the keep. Finding no other possible routes, the party readied themselves, as Grimm slowly pulled open the door into the unknown.

A Bear Market for Bairwin
In which the party brings down the heat upon their favorite shopkeep

6, Mirtul (May)

When last we left our heroes they were hot on the heels of one Bairwin, the shopkeep with a mean streak. Madly dashing o’er hill and dale, through farm and countryside, the party had soon scrambled their way back from the digsite through the Thunder Peak mountains, once again, to the town of Winterhaven.

Arriving at the threshold of Bairwin’s lair, Grimm, eager to dispense justice at the blunt end of a great maul, jumped ahead and attempted to put his boot through the door (which would have made quite an entrance!), but instead ricocheted off the structure like a stumpy cannonball, making the loudest WHACK! you have ever heard. Not to be outdone by her counterpart, Arianna then strode forward, confident in her door booting abilities, but again it prevailed, and she was likewise repelled. Annoyed by his idiot party members, Thereo then stepped around them, made a motion for the door, turned the handle, and then! ...walked in.

No Bones about It
The Agency follows a lead in search of a missing Archeologist

6, Mirtul (May)

Black DragonSession 3 picked up where session 2 ended, namely in the bowels of a stanky cave with 5 well rested (and equally stanky) adventurers. Irontooth had been detoothed, the cave had been caved, the loot had been looted, and so our fearless adventurers trekked back to Winterhaven in search of payment from that “Lord guy” in the manor who dispenses quest rewards. And dispense he did, dispensed with the hosing of the mighty crew with a crappy pouch of gold. Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency “WE WORK ON THE CHEAP”. The joke was on him though, the quest XP totally leveled them up (booyah, level 2). From there it was to Sister Linora’s, but she was in the middle of church service and could not comment (on the cult note they found). With nothing better to do the gang hit up the Inn, which was still recovering from the last time they were there, with the expressed purpose of cleaning the blood and kobold gunk off from the previous day’s toil.


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