A Subpar Adventure

No Bones about It
The Agency follows a lead in search of a missing Archeologist

6, Mirtul (May)

Black DragonSession 3 picked up where session 2 ended, namely in the bowels of a stanky cave with 5 well rested (and equally stanky) adventurers. Irontooth had been detoothed, the cave had been caved, the loot had been looted, and so our fearless adventurers trekked back to Winterhaven in search of payment from that “Lord guy” in the manor who dispenses quest rewards. And dispense he did, dispensed with the hosing of the mighty crew with a crappy pouch of gold. Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency “WE WORK ON THE CHEAP”. The joke was on him though, the quest XP totally leveled them up (booyah, level 2). From there it was to Sister Linora’s, but she was in the middle of church service and could not comment (on the cult note they found). With nothing better to do the gang hit up the Inn, which was still recovering from the last time they were there, with the expressed purpose of cleaning the blood and kobold gunk off from the previous day’s toil.

Welcome to Winterhaven
Kobolds? Yeah, sure, no problem.

Written by Anne

4, Mirtul (May)

The Keep on the ShadowfellOur heroic party, along with their companion Gevarn, set off for the town of Winterhaven. Once there the group visited the Temple of Chauntea to speak with Sister Linora. She stated that there was an evil cult of Shar afoot in the town, but that Lord Padraig does not believe this to be true, as there is no proof of such a cult existing. Sister Linora made an appointment for us to meet with Lord Padraig the next morning.

The Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency, minus Gevarn, continued to Wrafton’s Inn to check out the town’s inhabitants and find rooms for the night. Arianna spoke with Salvana Wrafton to see about boarding and the rest of AHAA spread out. Arianna got 2 rooms for the night and proceeded to go immediately to sleep. Mialee tried to talk to another female elf trapper to no avail. Grimm sat down with s local farmer at the bar and proceeded to get them both drunk. Thereo spoke with another farmer, Eilian the Old. He learned of increasing Kobold activity in the area, bothering local merchants. They have started to attack farms in the Southeast. Damar spoke to the bartender who was a fount of information. He learned that Bairwin, a general goods store owner has become very prosperous in a very short amount of time, selling items to other merchants. He also learned that Valthrun, a local sage, is usally in the inn at this time, but is unusally late. Also, we hear a myth about a graveyard somewhere to the Southwest where a dragon is supposedly buried.

Humble Beginnings
The company is formed

It is the year 1479 Dale Reckoning, nearly a century after the Spellplague has twisted Faerûn

4, Mirtul (May)

The “Gilded Lady” in Highmoon is a low key, budget establishment off the beaten path, so to speak. It’s the usual home to local low-lives, drunkards, and those down on their luck, a place where every patron has something to hide, ideal for those wishing to disappear or for finding cheap help…

The tavern was happy to have any customers at all that night, with the rain as bad as it was. A conspicuous group had come in from the downpour hours earlier to celebrate their formation, “The Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency”, they called it. Aptly named at that, comprised of an Elf, an Eladrin, a Dwarf, a Tiefling, and a Human. Aside from the Elves, they were a rowdy bunch, but they kept the coin flowing most of the night, which was fine by the Gilded Lady.


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