“The bald man huddled in the booth is dressed in plain clothes, indistinguishable from a craftsman or farmer were it not for the holy symbol that he now clutches in white-knuckled hands. The man’s clothing is in utter disarray, and even now, his thin, wiry frame quivers from the traumatic experience. He looks up at you with wide, blue eyes as you approach.”


Gevarn is an acolyte of the Goddess Chauntea in the town of Winterhaven. He is a meek, balding, middle-aged but deeply religious man.

When his Priestess, Sister Lenora, communed with her Great Mother (Chauntea) and learned that the evil Goddess Shar had turned her eyes toward their humble town. She immediately warned Lord Padraig, but was dismissed out of hand, in fact, most of the village was apathetic to her warnings.

Fearing a cult, and with no other alternatives, she sent one of her acolytes, Gevarn, to the closest city, Highmoon (several days away at the foot of the Thunder Peaks), to seek help.

Gevarn’s absence did not go unnoticed by Shar’s minions. A band of thugs was sent out to take care of Chauntea’s acolyte, lest he find aid at his destination. They hounded him for his entire journey, until they finally cornered him at the inn of the Gilded Lady in Highmoon.

Of course, it is here where Gevarn’s luck changed, and he ran into the newly formed Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency, which was celebrating its formation.

He successfully swayed them to his cause with the promise of payment, and accompanied the Agency back North to Winterhaven (through a Kobold ambush) where he was reunited with Sister Linora.


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