Sir Jerold Keegan

Lord of Keegan's Keep


“A stout skeletal form clad in plate armor, this figure stands with a menacing presence. The armor groans as the creature moves, and the empty sockets of its skull study the area carefully.”


According to Valthrun the Prescient’s research, and the words of Sir Keegan himself, he was once the Lord of Keegan’s Keep (now Shadowfell Keep), and a renowned dragon slayer who was charged with hunting down and slaying the dreaded Shadow Wyrm, Shadraxil, whom had been attacking settlements in the close to the Thunder Peak Mountains ever since the nation of Cormyr had begun to spread there.

With his fellow legion of Cormyrian soldiers, he lured the Wyrm to the keep, and kept it at bay long enough with sword and sorcery to complete a ritual that trapped it within a place of shadow.

Shadraxil’s power was strong though, and he poured all his malice into getting revenge on the Knights that trapped him.Such was the dragon’s power that even from beyond the Shadow Rift, he was able to deceive Keegan into believing his friends and family were conspiring against him. Eventually, the knight’s mind snapped.

Keegan went on a rampage through the keep, killing his wife and comrades before eventually a grievous wound drove him to flee into the keep’s crypts. There his madness lifted, where he realized what he had done, but his remaining forces sealed the crypt and left him there for all eternity.

The Agency, on their third return to Shadowfell Keep, came across Keegan’s spirit and had their intentions questioned. The Agency Warlock, Thereo, would have provoked Keegan’s anger if it were not for the other party members standing up against him.

Ultimately, Sir Keegan revealed that the dead dragon at the dig site was a ruse to make people believe that Shadraxil was indeed dead. They learned that the Wyrm was still alive, waiting just beyond the rift that Kalarel was attempting to open. He could not help directly, but bestowed upon the party his scimitar, Aecris, hoping that they would keep the rift closed, and keep Shadraxil imprisoned forever.

Sir Jerold Keegan

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