Bairwin Wildarson

Priest of Shar, previous proprietor of Bairwin's Grand Shoppe.


“This bespectacled, middle-aged man wears lavish garments of purple and black. His eccentricity makes him an unlikely suspect for a cult leader.”


Bairwin arrived in Winterhaven several years ago around the same time as the necromancer Kalarel. Covertly, Bairwin was the necromancer’s chief supplier, furnishing him with all the tools and supplies necessary to excavate Shadowfell Keep.

He also was the underground leader of the Cult of Shar in Winterhaven where he sought to convert others to his God’s cause, aiming to destabilize and weaken it from within. At the time, the walled town was seen as the only possible form of resistance to Kalarel’s plans.

The party figured out his connection to the cult after rescuing the archaeologist Douven Staul from the Dragon’s Tomb dig site. Bairwin had recruited thugs, led by a Gnome named Agrid, to take the site by force, and to find a special mirror to aid in Kalarel’s ritual.

The link took the party back to Winterhaven where they confronted Bairwin and his cultists in a hidden chapel beneath his Grand Shoppe.

He was killed when the Wizard Mialee’s acid arrow burnt through his chest.

Bairwin Wildarson

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