Evil Enigmatic Necromancer


“Clad in scale armor, Kalarel makes a formidable figure. Despite his pale flesh and gaunt cheeks, he moves with strength and vitality. His eyes are glazed with a fanaticism.”


Kalarel was quite ingrained in Shadowfell Keep and equally well prepared. Ever since arriving in the region, The Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency had come across his minions and lackeys at every step of the way.

Irontooth’s band of Kobolds had failed him. Bairwin, that blundering fool, failed to cover his tracks and lost his life along with the mirror. Ninaran, although a useful spy, was ineffectual against the adventurers with her undead forces. Balgron had grown complacent, his defense of the upper levels was delaying at best. His cultist forces were all that stood between the Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency and total ruin.

In the final hour of Shadraxil’s arrival, Kalarel and his ritual were put to an end by the Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency in the innermost sanctum of Shadowfell Keep. Kalarel was last seen being dragged into the dimensional portal as the Agency fled from the collapsing structure.


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