Brutish Goblin Raider


“A harsh bleating horn heralds the appearance of a burly, battle-scarred goblin. Around him, kobolds scurry as if afraid to get too close. A great tattoo depicting a skeletal ram’s head marks the Goblin’s face. He wears a wolf fur cloak and a chain shirt, and he wields a large notched battleaxe.”


Irontooth was the Goblin raider dispatched to oversee a tribe of Kobolds operating out of a cave near Winterhaven. They were charged with harassing or eliminating anyone who had the potential to thwart or delay Kalarel’s plans (namely adventurers).

The Agency was reluctantly hired by Lord Padraig to end his threat for good by any means necessary.

Irontooth was slain in battle by Grimm Granitehelm after the party had successfully located and rooted out the Kobold’s cave behind the waterfall. His last words were “Mistress of Night, prepare my way…”


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