A Subpar Adventure

Through the Looking Glass

Weird shit begins to happen as The Agency tracks down the Pyramid


AHAA is in the King’s Forest, Southwest of Arabel Why? Because a guy we met in jail (Garin, for those following along) paid us in advance to help clear his head. He and Mialee are having disturbing dreams of an interdimensional Pyramid where an evil Tiefling wizard, Karavakos, has been trapped for ages. The only way to stop the dreams is to find the Pyramid.

Day 1 Ran into Thereo, he screamed “the place of power is mine!” and attacked us with demons, Arianna killed him. “Find the Pyramid, find Karavakos…”

Day 2 Found a clearing and investigated 3 mysterious pillars, one which had runes from the Far Realm (will probably need to ask DM Vanase about the Far Realm again since it seems to be important). Left clearing, Elves felt a change, returned and found huts, a stone structure, and orcs, instead of pillars. Killed orcs, investigated structures. Strange properties of the area are causing Kharun pain.

Investigated stone structure. Bottom of torchlit stairs, found large crack in the floor (otherwordly sounds eminating from them), also runes carved into stone floor by Giants. Orcs and Ogres slowly appear in room out of no where, look confused. We killed them. Party leaves structure, sleeps in hut.

Day 3 Early morning, hut attacked by Gnolls and Crenshars (cat things with faces pulled back to show skull). Party wins, extended rest.



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