A Subpar Adventure

The (Surprisingly Quick) Fall of Narthax

Hell hath no fury like a Deva scorned

After the shock of the Silver Dragon flying overhead wore off, AHAA waded through a city lost in panic to get back to the business of informing the Order of the Purple Dragon of the loss of their cavalry at the hands of orcs and some other mysterious force(s).

The Order’s chambers were already in disarray when Damar relayed the bad news, filling the entire hall with stunned silence. The Order made a motion to contact the Red Ravens for added manpower and (after hearing the truth about Narthax and of AHAA’s intentions from Kharun)gave the Agency a blanket order to do anything they could to help the situation.

Back on their own, AHAA paid a visit to the Thieves Guild again, filling the Don in on the recent evidence (Narthax’s health amulet and the seal of the Merchant house of Thond showing up on a band of Kenku that assaulted AHAA). The Don was aloof as usual, but the Agency bribed their way into learning that Kenku operate on contracts, also that the frequency of ore shipments from Gnoll pass were down and that Thond could no longer afford protection from the Thieves. Much discussion was had about the twisted politics of Arabel, but one thing was certain, all roads led to Narthax.

Although quite confused overall, it was clear that AHAA had a bone to pick with Narthax. Damar drafted a letter to the Wizard, asking him to meet AHAA at the docks at night, and had it delivered by a street urchin. During this time, Grimm visited a Dwarven smithy and ordered a full set of Dwarven platemail +2.

Later that night, AHAA waited for Narthax in an alleyway between two warehouses (the area was damp after a recent rain). The Wizard showed up with an entourage of elementals, but before he could even say a word, Damar (extremely eager) yelled BEACON OF HOPE! at the top of his lungs initiating the ambush. But it was really AHAA that was ambushed, as Narthax had elementals appear from the other side of the alley as well as some that burst through the warehouse walls.

Amazingly, Narthax, confident in his advantage, let down his defenses enough to allow Kharun to waltz through the battle, fly over the Wizard’s elementals, and viciously plunge his great sword into the old man twice, before dropping him like a mere sack of dirt. The rest of AHAA, momentarily stunned, fought off the rest of the elementals with relative ease.

From there on in it was open season on Narthax’s laboratory…once Mialee managed to “knock” the door open, aaand once the gang successfully failed to navigate a trapped spiral staircase. But, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and richer, because the Agency came out with quite a haul of gems, spells, magic armor, and a whole library of books on magic and rituals which Mialee was more than happy to shove into their bag of holding.

AHAA then stopped at the Thieves Guild again to throw down Narthax’s severed head before continuing on to the Purple Dragon Order.

At the Purple Order AHAA picked up news from the North. Apparently, the main section of the Cormyrian army had moved up to attack the Orcs, which were backed by an Iron Dragon. The Order had also made contact with the Silver Dragon that flew over Arabel. Its name was Arode, and its intentions were as of yet unknown, but their advice was to stay out of its way.

Moving on, the Agency sought out the Thond Merchant Guild to inquire about a few things, namely the Kenku contract. The clerk knew only that the Kenku had not been contracted for a while and that coal shipments from Gnoll pass were not making it to Arabel. AHAA asked Thond to contact them if any caravans needed protection.

During the night Mialee had an odd dream/vision which she kept to herself.

Still looking for work, AHAA next showed up at the doorstep of the Red Raven Mercenaries. Kharun and Grimm secured a non-contract job investigating a run of break-ins within the noble section of town and AHAA spent the rest of the day investigating and questioning the occupants of the two houses that were broken into.

Deciding it would take a thief to catch a thief, AHAA questioned the Thieves Guild about the break-ins. Dom the Don assured AHAA that there were no unauthorized break-ins, but even if he did know, he couldn’t tell out of professional courtesy. If they did find any stolen goods however, AHAA was to give the guild 10%, there was no negotiating this. When further questioned, the Don pointed the group vaguely toward the docks.

The Agency (minus Grimm who went to sleep), skulked around the docks during the night, but nothing happened.

The next morning at the inn, Kharun found a note on his door that said, “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS”. Growing fearful, Damar decided to escort his family out of Arabel to a town a day to the South so that “the gloves could come off”. Grimm stayed behind to remain the Agency’s eyes and ears in Arabel and to satisfy some carnal pleasures. Another house was broken into that night.

After another round of investigation, AHAA deduced that the robberies were taking place during the noble meetings and set up a stakeout in the neighborhood for the next two nights.

Kharun chased off a cloaked figure the first night, but it wasn’t until the second night that Grimm heard a noise coming from the closest house and summoned the rest of the party. AHAA surprised a group of thieves coming out of the house carrying vases and furniture and a battle broke out in the street (a really annoying battle with hexes and people getting polymorphed).

Most of the thieves ran away, the rest were killed, except for one…



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