A Subpar Adventure

The Pyramid of Shadows

The Agency bites off more than they can chew

The Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency attempted to sleep just outside the Ogre King’s chamber, but all had a restless, troubling sleep.

Back on the surface, the clearing with the huts (where we were attacked by Kreshnars) had been completely replaced with dense forest. Confused, the party stumbled around until they came to another clearing with a cluster of stones in the center. Tiny and Damar moved to investigate but were ambushed by evil shield Dwarves, Humans, and a Rage Drake.

After brushing the attackers aside, the image of a robed Tiefling appeared near the center of the clearing and spoke, “Greetings travelers, what do you seek in the Pyramid of Shadows?”

“We seek the place of power!”, Edric responded (before anyone could formulate an answer).

In the cluster of stones in the middle of the clearing, a small glowing pyramid began to expand. It expanded until it engulfed the entire party where they were immersed in total darkness. The voice of the Tiefling then returned,

“Welcome to the Pyramid of Shadows! The only way to win your freedom is to kill us, 3 times”.

His mocking laughter faded away as the light returned and the party found itself at the bottom of a stinking pit filled with corpses that were shifting beneath their feet. A head collecting Ettin stabbed down at the party from the top, while carrion crawlers and the undead attacked them at the bottom. AHAA fought its way out, and Mialee discovered an obsidian orb inside a sack that spoke. The severed head of an Eladrin princess appeared in the orb and said its name was Vyrellis.

Faced with many options, the party decided to move into a lush overgrown room where the floor and ceiling were covered with dirt. A massive hedgerow that reached all the way to the ceiling filled their view. As the party made their way around the hedgerow, they were attacked by Arboreans, and a Shrieking Hag. AHAA beat them back, and the Hag disappeared.

In the room opposite the hedgerow maze, the party came across a Satyr playing a pipe across an enormous dug out hole in the room with steep sides. As they got closer, the Satyr began playing a dirge on his pipes which brought to life 3 shambling mounds at the bottom of the hole. The Satyr was dispatched quickly by Tiny and Edric but the battle didn’t go very well as the shambling mounds were tough as nails. Mialee was chased relentlessly by a reaper, Grimm was stuck sliding down the hole, Damar went into the fight with 0 surges and almost died, and the shambling mounds would periodically eat people.

And so, there, but for the grace of Jon (and fudging rolls to avoid a TPK), goes AHAA, into the Pyramid of Shadows with no rest and a bruised ego.



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