A Subpar Adventure

Stickin' it to the Thieves Guild

The Agency finally gets fed up with the Thieves

Having successfully dispatched Arabel’s mysterious house thieves for the Red Raven Mercenaries, AHAA dragged the sole survivor to the nightly nobleman meeting to calm the nerves of the agitated aristocrats.

Meanwhile, Grimm, on the way to find a guard to apprehend the limp body of the remaining house thief, is accosted by a Thieves Guild representative in a shadowy alley way and is handed a note. “...we had a deal, meet us tomorrow night at the disclosed warehouse, and bring us 10% of what was gained…”.

That night at the Spiteful Dragon inn, Mialee continued to have her strange but powerful dreams of pyramids, and finally shared her visions with AHAA the next morning. Over breakfast, AHAA decided to collect their payment from the Red Ravens, and to honor the 10% agreement with the Thieves Guild at the warehouse that night (11 gold out of the 110 we looted).

Entering the warehouse at the chosen time, AHAA met with a lone Thieves Guild rep, and Kharun stepped forward tossing him a small pouch of gold. The cloaked rep looked disappointed, “It’s unfortunate that we cannot trust you” (we failed to mention the armor we looted), and with that smashed a nearby crate with a mace hidden beneath his robe releasing a RUST MONSTER, which ran straight for Grimm! AHAA was then ambushed among the crates by wererats!

AHAA prevailed, however Grimm’s armor was digested by the Rust monster, and Arianna and Kharun were beginning to come down with the deadly filth disease carried by the Wererats. On the way out of the building an armorless Grimm is hit in the back by a shuriken, with a note attached which read “we are most displeased”.

With their condition worsening, AHAA high tailed it to the temple of Torm, taking refuge for the night. Damar learned the necessary steps to cure the terrible disease from his companions, and Grimm & Mialee recreated his magic armor from the residuum left over from the Rust Monster’s gut.

The next day at the Spiteful Dragon, AHAA decided to take the fight to the Thieves Guild. While AHAA was busy preparing in town, Grimm made tracks to the armorer, finally picking up his specially ordered Dwarven plate armor, shedding a tear with the dwarf smithy in the process.

Later that day, AHAA marched into the Thieves Guild tavern. Kharun asked the bartender for Dom the Don’s whereabouts and was pointed down a flight of stairs. As AHAA moved towards the stairs, crossbow bolt turrets came down from the ceiling, and the rest of the bar broke out into fighting. The only people left standing were AHAA and the bartender, who turned off the crossbows (LEVEL 6!).

AHAA found the Don sitting on a couch by himself next to a large dining room table. He was disappointed in AHAA, and few words were minced before he grabbed a large mace from the table and rushed towards the party revealing his true form as a VAMPIRE!

The Agency pulled out all the stops and put a hurting on the Don, but failed to dispatch him before he could transform into mist and escape out into the night.

The leader of the Thieves guild left behind a secret compartment containing a map with a pyramid in a forest on it, a black pearl, some gold, and some residuum. Mialee recognized the forest on the map as the King’s Forest…



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