A Subpar Adventure

Picking up the Pieces

The Agency goes on the hunt for shards of Vyrellis/Karavakos' life force

AHAA pushed forward into a dimly lit room with a dense mass of hanging vines that were thick enough to ward off any attempts to move through. While trying to get around the vines, the party was taunted and harried by dark creepers that appeared from the dark and darted in and around the group stabbing at everyone before disappearing again into the vines. The creepers were aided by reapers that kept the party from chasing. AHAA repelled the attack and was forced to spread out to catch the last assailant.

LOOT – Rogue’s Belt -> Edric

From the vine room, a hall led down a flight of stairs that looked out into a chamber flooded with shallow murky water. AHAA could see large hulking reptilian forms in the water (Blackscales – humanoid lizards), but that didn’t stop Tiny, who charged straight off the stairway and was sucked into a pipe that spat him out on the other side of the room. Damar and Grimm, attempting to jump farther out, were also sucked in. There were several of these hazards around the room and the party had to fight hard while separated and wading through water (Grimm holding his breath).

Past the Blackscales, on the other side of the chamber, AHAA haphazardly negotiated an algae covered platform to a small room containing the statue of a graceful looking Eladrin Knight. In the statue’s forehead there was a bright blue moonstone. Vyrellis piped in, “You must secure the moonstone for me!”, to which Damar obliged and freed it from the statue.

LOOT – Moonstone -> Damar

“What is this for, Vyrellis?”, inquired Damar as he held up the stone and inspected it. Impressed with AHAA’s Cleric, she provided him and the rest of the party with some much needed answers. Turns out that upon being imprisoned inside the Pyramid with Karavokos, her life force had been splintered and stored in three gems to divide her power and keep her from escaping. If AHAA were to collect all three, it would allow her to finally rest and possibly provide a way out for the party as well. When asked about the Pyramid, she described the area ahead as carved out by the Dragonborn Criminal, Gharash Vren, and that the magic of the Pyramid had the power to adapt itself to its inhabitants.

FULL REST Damar: New abilities bestowed by Vyrellis

The party left the flooded chamber going up the stairs to the West. Down the hall to the right were two doors, they chose to investigate the closer one. In this room the floor was covered with a white powder in which Tiny noticed the tail marks of rats. The party spread out and looked through two large piles of trash, while Edric stopped and listened at another door immediately to the right of the one they just entered. While the bard had his head against the door, Damar walked up to it and turned the knob unleashing an avalanche of bones! Giant rats attacked from the trash piles while the bones crushed Damar and Edric against the wall. Just when they thought they would drown in bones, the avalanche settled, and the party climbed over it and back into the hallway.

LOOT – None

Taking the door at the end of the hall now, they arrived in a vast library with many book shelves and a large statue of a proud Eladrin Princess in the center of a grassy square. “The library!” said Vyrellis, “Heed not the whispers!” The slight whispering they heard upon entering began to get louder and louder in their minds. Just then Damar was hit with an arrow from somewhere up in the bookshelf and the party was attacked by Eaters of Knowledge and their devastating psychic attacks.

After the battle, and some daring athletics on top of the bookshelf from the Goliath, Vyrellis urged Damar to check the statue for another splinter of her life force, but when he looked, he found nothing. Damar tried his best to keep the severed head of Vyrellis from getting hysterical.

Most of the books in the library had been wiped blank by the Eaters of Knowledge, but a careful search turned up an old tome containing a tube of bone that hid some scrolls and residuum inside.

LOOT: Hellfire Wand +3 -> Mialee Scroll of Raise Dead, Scroll of Consult Mystical Sages, Vial of Residuum (worth 500 gold) -> Damar



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