A Subpar Adventure

Into the Thick of It

Solving the problems of the Pyramid...by killing everything in it

Continuing to force their way through the Pyramid of Shadows, The Agency passed on from the Monolith room (after a full rest), where they defeated Vyrellis’ body, and into (what else?) more trouble.

They entered a small room with a constant, severe, biting cold and ice lining everything from floor to ceiling. Four frozen pillars stood within, and beyond them was another door, completely iced over as well. Vyrellis told them that there were several useful magic items behind that second door, but to beware its icy guardian.

Throwing caution to the wind, Damar attacked one of the pillars, cracking it, and had Grimm finish it off. The pillar shattered, as did the other three, and out shambled ice zombies! The zombies moved in, chilling the party to the bone with their frozen auras. To make matters worse the ice covered door exploded and a huge Mezzodemon carrying a trident walked out. It skewered the closest thing to it, the poor Bard, and backed up, threatening to finish him if it was not granted safe passage.

The Cleric (with a smile) turned the undead and made some breathing room for the rest of the party to dispatch them. AHAA then focused on bringing down the Mezzodemon (ignoring what it had to say) and banished it. Edric was severely injured, but he survived to play the bagpipes another day.

LOOTNOTHING (When asked where the “useful magical items” were, Vyrellis said the second room was probably looted. Mialee passes the head of Vyrellis to Damar)

AHAA then moved into a room with three rope bridges over murky water that connected down to a floating (water level) wooden platform in the middle. Two Harpies on the platform sang an alluring song that drew Grimm and Edric forward. The Dwarf fell, but managed to hang on to the edge of the platform, while Edric landed feet first on top of the water, thanks to his magic shield. Unfortunately it didn’t save him from the three Sahuagin raiders (fish people) that stabbed at his feet from below the surface.

Tiny led the rest of the group across the bridge to take on the Harpies, but Damar was knocked over the side when a Sahuagin Priest hit him with a jet of water. He was then attacked by the raiders, whom seemed agitated by the head of Vyrellis. Edric took that chance to escape up the rope that Grimm had tied to the bridge.

A poof of feathers on the far bridge and a yell from the Barbarian signaled the death of the last harpy. AHAA then converged on the wooden platform to fight off the Sahuagin that were still going after Damar. The fish people were easily put in their place and when the priest tried to run for it, Grimm ran up the rope bridge and cannonballed into the water next to it and finished it off.


It was here that the Agency decided to backtrack and clear up some loose ends past the pit room where they had nearly bought it to the Shambling mounds. They found a room that looked out upon an endless forest, which looked like an exit, until Tiny bumped into an invisible wall. They tried to disable the illusion through runes at the center of some stone plinths, but it blew Damar and Grimm backwards no matter what they tried. The hag from the hedge maze then returned, along with more Arboreans and Ettercaps and ambushed the group, but ultimately failed.


A stone monolith was hurled from the dark at Grimm as the group moved forward again and explored the next large room in the Pyramid. As it smashed into the Dwarf, the Barbarian charged forward into the giant Plant Terror that had thrown it. A loud voice boomed out from the other end of the room near an altar, past the pissed off trees that were now grabbing at Edric, “You’ve come here this far, NOW YOU WILL DIE!”. The speaker, a robed Arborean with a scythe came forward with a cave bear and divided the party. The Arboreans were ferocious, but AHAA fought back with equal ferocity. Before long Tiny had cut down the speaker, and Edric, Grimm, and Damar had stopped the raging Plant Terror, but not without many injuries. The cave bear, the last to stand, that had been running amok behind the line, was surrounded and beaten into something unrecognizable.

LOOT – Guardian Shield (Tiny found in small side room after perception checks)



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