A Subpar Adventure

Here One Minute, Gone the Next

R.I.P. Arianna Twinblade

The Ad Hoc Adventuring Agency woke in the hut, after the Kreshnar attack outside the large stone structure they had been exploring the day before. AHAA decided to venture back in to continue the job of finding Karavakos and curing Garin/Mialee of their disturbing visions.

Back underground the Agency faced a room full of ogres in prayer over a large sun symbol with a swirling dark energy vortex above it. Arianna was dragged into the energy as it was being dispelled, but fortunately we gained the aid of a caged Goliath named “Tiny” whom the Ogres had intended to sacrifice. He recovered his axe directly from within the flames of a brazier while Edric, Mialee, and Damar completed the Sun god’s purification ritual (guided by runes on the stairs).

LOOT: 2 silver + gold bracelets—> bank

Down the next hallway the party was assailed with images of an Ogre King sacrificing himself and visions of people being transported to another place and time. It quickly faded.

The next room contained a 20 ft monolith of deafening energy guarded by rotting corpses and a huge crowned undead ogre. The rotting corpses could not be killed, and the ogre sucked Mialee continually into the monolith, sucking away her health and adding it to his own. Edric saved the day by pulling the key out of a sun symbol on the far wall where he was then sucked into the monolith by the Ogre King. The key reacted violently with the monolith, dispelling it in an explosion. The king was then cut down by the party.

LOOT: Medic’s amulet—> Damar



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