A Subpar Adventure

Dissention & Revelation

Placeholder (Session 7)

Notes from session 7 (4/4/09)

9, Mirtul (May)

Start The road back to Winterhaven (from the Keep)

  • Gates closed, Militia barring the way, Lord Padraig on the wall w/ his guards
  • Damar steps forward, calls up to Padraig
  • Townsfolk missing, signs of undead at the cemetery
  • Damar immediately goes to cemetery alone
  • Padraig allows party in
  • Mialee + Grimm -> Thair’s smithy -> Grimm sells old maul, haggles for throwing hammers
  • Party learns Thair has acquired Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe
  • Thereo + Arianna retire to tavern, Thereo gets retarded drunk

Cemetery (Damar alone)

  • In apple grove next to cemetery
  • Fog has rolled in, can barely see past wrought Iron fence
  • Sees “gaunt shapes” and mausoleums
  • Returns to Winterhaven


  • Grand Shoppe, Thereo buys all of the sunrods, and a crimson cloak
  • Damar converses with Padraig
  • Strikes deal -> 100 gold for dealing with undead, but must stand watch on town walls that night
  • Damar + Grimm + Arianna + Mialee stand separate watches during night
  • Invidual extended rests
  • Arianna sees cloaked figure during the night moving stealthily, scouting towns defenses
  • At first light they report to padraig, wakes up Thereo

10, Mirtul (May)


  • blue glow coming from direction of one of the mausoleums
  • “gaunt shapes” noticed by Damar were just figures on tomb stones
  • see disturbed graves, empty mausoleums
  • halfway into cemetery, skeletons burst from ground
  • party attacked also by zombies, and zombie dogs
  • Ninaran (elf from tavern earlier in adventure) emerges, fires bow at Mialee
  • Dwarf saves versus being knocked prone by dogs
  • Damar turns undead
  • Zombie dogs attack with death bite before they die
  • Thereo chases Ninaran, knocks her unconscious
  • Dwarf stabilizes dying Ninaran
  • Ninaran tied up by Thereo, left in Mausoleum
  • Glowing blue runes used to raise undead, rubbed out by party
  • Thereo burns a casket for no reason
  • Ninaran has scroll case + magic bow + letter
  • Letter reveals that Ninaran was hired by Kalarel to stop AHAA, gave instructions to raise dead password to 2nd level of the keep “from the ground some magic was found”
  • Ninaran interrogated, Grimm fails to intimidate, she gives up no info
  • Argument -> Thereo wants to kill her, Damar + Arianna want to let her live and take her back to authorities, Grimm abstains
  • Damar picks up Ninaran, attempts to carry back to Winterhaven
  • Thereo attempts to stab Ninaran -> Arianna fails to subdue Thereo
  • Ninaran dies
  • Thereo takes Ninaran’s Delver’s Magic Leather armor
  • Damar slams Thereo against wall “you didn’t have the right!”, walks out
  • Damar brings Ninaran’s body to Padraig, the party receives payment
  • Thereo tosses Kalarel’s note to Ninaran at Padraig’s feet
  • Extended Rest

11, Mirtul (May)

Back to Shadowfell Keep

  • waylaid by 5 Phantom Warriors on 1st level of keep
  • phantoms take half damage
  • specter appears, pyschic damage to party
  • everyone gets crit happy – 7 total – Grimm crits passing attack
  • party wins

Shadowfell Keep Crypt

  • explores long room where party fought never ending skeletons
  • finds hidden compartment in an altar -> 5 sun god statues + silver coins
  • doorway at end of hall leads to room with single sarcophagus
  • Grimm tries to open, sarcophagus explodes open in fury of dust
  • Skeletal Knight rises, “THE RIFT MUST NEVER BE OPENED
  • Skeletal Knight’s name is Sir Jerold Keegan and he has sworn to defend the keep against “interlopers”
  • party denies that they are interlopers -> Keegan attempts to assess each party member
  • Thereo fails to impress
  • Damar passes “WHAT DEITY DO YOU SERVE?” – “I am a servant of Torm”
  • Grim passes “ARE YOU AS FIERCE AS YOU LOOK?” – “Aye, and more!”
  • Mialee Passes, Arianna passes
  • Keegan still does not trust Thereo
  • Thereo gets angry provokes Keegan
  • Grimm knocks Thereo out of the way, “he does not speak for us”
  • Keegan asks party “then why does he travel with you?”
  • Damar bluffs, Keegan backs down
  • Keegan tells the party that the death of Shadrilax was a ruse, and that the Wyrm still lives trapped in the rift, and that he sealed the wyrm there
  • Party tells Keegan of the cult attempting to open the rift, asks him for aid
  • Keegan cannot leave, but lays his scimitar “Aecris” at the partys feet
  • Arianna wields Aecris
  • Grimm “thank you sir Knight, rest in peace, and may Tempus be with you”
  • Keegan goes back into coffin
  • Party moves toward 3rd level of the keep
  • Cleric doesn’t think a Dwarf can toss people over runes
  • Grimm walks over runes, and his black iron scale absorbs necrotic damage
  • stairs down to 3rd level

3rd level of Keep

  • Arianna sees cage in the distance holding a deathjump spider the size of a horse
  • Pit in middle of room (with water)
  • Shar cultists immediately ask party for pass phrase
  • Grimm remembers Kalarel’s note to Ninaran – says “from the ground some magic was found”
  • Cultists yell “someone tell Kalarel that Ninaran has been SLAIN!”
  • (real pass phrase was “life fails in the dark” found in the goblin cell earlier)
  • Party attacked on stairway by robed cultists + guards
  • Guards release Deathjump spider
  • Party fighting from stairway
  • Spider climbs on ceiling
  • Thereo – flames of Phlegothos misses spider on ceiling
  • Spider onto Grimm, Grimm saves vs prone, poisoned
  • Grimm brute strikes Spider, kills it, knocks it into pit
  • party mops up rest of guards
  • cultist bodies disappear
  • Arianna lowered into well, finds nothing

3rd level corridors

  • Damar sees large dining room, steps over trap, portcullis closes off dining room
  • cultist sees party, yells “we’re under attack!” and disappears
  • room with two double doors, Grimm and Thereo open simultaneously
  • party attacked by cultists/sightless reapers/skeletons/ cultists w/ bows and a caster
  • cultist caster used wave of darkness spell, blinds part members
  • Arianna blinded, fights on, slicing and dicing
  • Grimm immobilized
  • Thereo versus cultist caster
  • party wins
  • short rest




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