A Subpar Adventure

Chutes & Mirrors

The Pyramid's nature begins to reveal itself

AHAA dragged itself, and Damar’s unconscious body, into the more easily secured winding passageway back in the hedge maze. There the group tried its best to rest and shrug off the near disaster of the previous room.

The sounds of large rats during the night led the party into the next room in the Pyramid, which was plain, except for the two robed statues staring at each other from opposite ends. Tiny moved across the room to inspect the statue on the other side but a section of floor beneath him rotated quickly upwards, tossing him down a chute and into a pit with a Charnal Lord Otyugh. The old floor now became the wall, blocking him off from the rest of the party, and as that happened a new floor also locked into place (seemingly attached at 90 degrees), carrying 6 charnal rats with it.

Damar and Grimm engaged the rats, but Grimm, thinking the trap had already been sprung, triggered it again, sending him all the way down into the pit. The wall and floor rotated once more bringing with it a fresh set of rats which Mialee and Edric quickly scorched.

Thinking quick, Damar grabbed two of the rat bodies and placed them so as to jam the floor as it pivoted. He jumped onto it, triggering the mechanism, which gibbed the rats completely, barely even slowing it down. The Cleric tumbled into the pit, keeping Tiny and Grimm alive as they battled the Otyugh and its hideous stench.

Back in the hallway, Mialee teleported across the floor and set to work trying to push a statue over to jam the trap. Edric followed her example with the statue on his end. Mialee tipped hers over enough for it to fall, it’s left arm with shield contacting and setting off the trap right as Edric jumped onto it. The bard flew into the pit and the statue held (barely), keeping the wall open for Mialee to fire down into the chute, but more importantly, for the party to escape. And they did escape after a long grueling battle with the many tentacles and teeth of the Otyugh.

The closest door led to two perpendicluar hallways adorned with many mirrors. The hallways skirted around the edge of a larger room, accessed by two double doors across from the mirros. Edric stealthed up to one and put his ear to it. Within, he thought he could faintly hear something uttering words in the abyssal tongue.

As the party turned the corner to join Edric, a flaming skull appeared in a mirror behind him and cast a fireball into the hallway, engulfing everyone. The group started smashing every mirror they could find, but were interrupted when the doors opened and Cambion Hellswords rushed into Edric and Tiny. Dark Creepers emerged from the doors behind the party, but were stopped by Grimm and Damar. Meanwhile, the broken mirrors reformed themselves and it was like shooting fish in a barrell for the Flameskull, who tagged The Agency at random with flame rays. The severed head of Vyrellis urged the party to quickly move on, for breaking the mirrors was futile, anything native to the Pyramid could never be destroyed.

The group fought their way into the next room and then into a smaller room where the flameskull resided. The undead creature was staring into a crystal ball on a pedastal, from where it was clearly launching all of its attacks through the mirrors. The Agency quickly put an end to its threat and underneath one of the beds in the previous room the party found a potion of healing and an Echoing Songblade +2.

They moved past the hall of mirrors into a room with four 20 ft high stone obelisks that were arranged in a square. Energy streamed out from the top of each obelisk down toward a wall of energy that protected a headless body inside.

The head of Vyrellis gasped and took this moment to speak, “My physical form is trapped within this arcane prison. For years I have waited for the magic that wards it to weaken. Free my body, and together we can escape this horrid place!”

When Edric asked her why she was imprisoned, she explained that she was the bride of Karavakos. She told them that Karavakos blamed her for his ill fated attack on the Feywild (where she was from) which led to his demon army’s defeat and his subsequent imprisonment inside the Pyramid. Vyrellis wanted revenge.

The party got behind one of the obelisks and pushed hard enough to knock one over. The energy surrounding Vyrellis’ body dissipated and her orb shot out of Mialee’s hands and embedded itself into her headless body’s chest.

Vyrellis’ head began to scream in pain, “HE HAS CURSED MY BODY, HE HAS TRICKED ME, FREE ME!”

Her body came to life and immediately attacked AHAA with savage spells that forced the party backward, slammed them, or caught them in a storm of cold energy or razorblades. For a time she even became invisible while continuing to beat them back, but they pulled together and guessed her location correctly.

The party struggled desperately to fend off the powerful magic and even tried to grab her and rip the orb out altogether. Meanwhile the head of Vyrellis would scream in pain incoherently and derided Grimm for almost hitting her orb instead of her body,”HIT MY BODY, NOT MY HEAD YOU BUMBLING OAF!”

Very nearly at their breaking point, AHAA put a stop to Vyrellis’ cursed body, which disintigrated into dust. The head of Vyrellis floated free and intact, looking quite relieved.



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